Translate your documents

and see your revenue grow!

We have around 100 specialist translators, editors and copywriters who can help you

sell your products/services
throughout Belgium and worldwide

Translation is a profession!

Don’t translate your business documents yourself – entrust them to our professionals.

It will save you time, and you won’t risk losing your customers.



Our translators always translate into their mother tongue.

They specialise in one or more areas and are familiar with your terminology.

Our services:

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Translation of traditional websites, e-commerce websites, newsletters, blog posts and other business documents (contracts, catalogues, press releases, mailshots, etc.)


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Video subtitling

Subtitle your business films and reach a wider audience


Correction of any grammatical or spelling mistakes in an existing text (business documents and websites in one or more languages)

Protect your reputation!



Add a voice to your communications material

Editing of existing translations

Flawlessly translated texts


Good copy = higher sales!

A blog to help you run a successful business:

The Fontaine de Mots

  • Inspirational interviews with company owners and experts.
  • Advice about having your documents translated, exporting your products/services, improving your social media communication, etc.
  • A reminder of common spelling and grammar mistakes to avoid.
  • And more…

Mission and approach

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Fontaine de Mots helps companies:


  • grow their business in Europe and worldwide by providing top quality translation and editing services by professionals who understand their terminology;


  • grow their customer base by offering a host of advice on topics including international sales, marketing and communications (blog and VIP services);


  • and recognises and values the work of all its translators, copywriters, subtitlers and other partners.

A few of our clients:


One of our clients translated his documents himself first time round
and has learnt from his mistake.
Discover his testimonial here!

Translation French>English: translation agency Fontaine de Mots

Translated by: Alison Hughes
Edited by: Philip Lucien