What some of our clients say about our services

With over 1,700 member-companies, representing some 300,000 workers in total, Agoria is the largest sectoral employers’ federation in Belgium.

Agoria promotes development through technology.

By offering services based on three pillars - consultancy, business development and creating the ideal business climate - we are paving the way for all technology-inspired companies in Belgium to contribute to progress by developing or implementing innovations.

‘We began working with Laura Fontaine de Ghélin in the summer of 2014 and she soon gained our loyalty.


We are delighted with the service she provides, which we can summarise in three words: quality, flexibility and availability. Laura always delivers excellent translations by the agreed deadline and communicates effectively, which saves us valuable time. We also really appreciate the fact that she reads the source text with a critical eye.

We are so happy to have found her and, for all these reasons, she is currently an Agoria approved supplier for translations into French.’


Jean-Philippe Pironet

(translator at Agoria since 2007)

For more than 35 years, Data News has been the standard guide for the IT industry in Belgium.

It keeps IT managers and end users in companies, government agencies, education and IT associations up-to-date on new technologies and IT applications.

Through its magazine, daily newsletter and website, Data News reports in-depth on IT developments, trends and opinions in Belgium.

Each week the editorial team publishes reports, international news and case studies and delivers verdicts on professional IT solutions which have been put to the test. It also has a Careers section.

“Data News feeds into a bilingual ICT website so we need good translations fast.


We use Fontaine de Mots regularly and have often been amazed with the quality of the translations and the speed of turnaround.

Laura’s team is adaptable and communicates clearly. It is a pleasure to work with her.”


Pieterjan Van Leemputten

(Data News journalist)

Bhobo brush, headquartered in Izegem (Belgium), is Europe’s largest manufacturer of feather dusters and bottle brushes.

They are particularly well-known for their cobweb dusters, radiator brushes and gutter brushes.

Bhobo brush also makes a wide range of rubber brushes and water-fed telescopic poles.

Every year, Bhobo brush produces more than 1 million brushes which are exported to over 15 countries.

“I met Laura, the owner of Fontaine de Mots, at a training course in early 2017.


We had just launched a new range of brushes, so the Dutch text needed to be translated into French and English for the new packaging.

Initially, I did the translations myself and asked Laura to check them.

However, it very quickly became apparent that my translations contained so many errors that I had wasted several hours doing them.
In future, I will save myself time by sending the Dutch texts direct to Fontaine de Mots.

They also noticed that the English slogan provided by our advertising agency, although grammatically correct, had a very negative connotation in the UK.
Luckily, Fontaine de Mots was able to correct it in time.

What’s more, to help us meet our deadlines, the translation was delivered in InDesign, in other words directly in the files in which we had created our packaging.

We received a great deal of extra service free of charge, so we were really delighted with our first collaboration. It was a huge success!”


Christophe Hochepied

(manager of bhobo brush)

SoftN, a division of NxtLvl, is a professional team of developers, programmers, consultants, marketers and sales specialists.

SoftN is also a global solution for the administration of home-based nursing care and, as a certified software package, complies with all regulations. The software is modular, which means it can be adapted to any type of medical practice to meet the needs of the nursing staff. It is an online application which can be consulted anywhere there is an internet connection.

SoftN is proud to offer its clients a quality service through its helpline and training.

“We asked Fontaine de Mots to translate the help pages of our software.


We sent them the Word documents but they immediately suggested they translate the text directly in HTML, which saved us a huge amount of time. The hyperlinks in the translations work perfectly.

When we requested a quote, Fontaine de Mots’ explanation of how they worked immediately reassured us that we were dealing with professionals. I was also pleasantly surprised by their professional approach, the quality of the work, their clear pricing and the timely delivery of the translations.

I would not think twice about sending them more work in the future and will definitely recommend them to others in my professional network.”


Carine Vandenberghe

(Project Manager at SoftN)

4m Group is a Belgian holding company for different service and manufacturing companies.

In the early years, its main business centred around the manufacture of epoxy resin and polyurethane for industrial use, which earned it the number one position on the market for complete floor covering solutions. It has since expanded into other sectors such as engineering.

With its products and its high-quality service, 4m Group today exports to most European countries.

“We are delighted with the translation and revision services provided by Fontaine de Mots.


Communication is smooth and everything is analysed to the last detail. We are very happy to recommend this translation agency to other companies”


Loris Petta

(Business Unit Manager)

SelectColor S.A. operates in the chemical industry.

The company produces industrial paint, masonry paint, floor resins and other special coatings. Thanks to its cutting-edge product design, it has the flexibility to meet market demand and customer needs.

Having been in business since 1959, SelectColor S.A. can capitalise on its experience to offer a vast range of products of the highest quality, all of which adhere strictly to all applicable regulations.

The company sells to individuals, businesses and manufacturers.

Its technical team and sales force are on hand to help you find the right product.

“With Fontaine de Mots you have a fast response, a highly professional service and flawless technical translations delivered on time every time.”


Romain Vielvoye

(Junior Business Developer chez SelectColor)

For a company to portray a positive image, it must have quality copy and solid content.

Text Fairy Copywriting will write all your texts and content with passion, devotion, motivation and a touch of magic. Your very own “writing fairy” to ensure you are perceived as a high-level professional company!

You can commission Text Fairy Copywriting to write your off-line advertising communications (brochures, leaflets, magazines, press releases, etc.) and your online content (blogs, e-mails, social media, websites) in Dutch and English. Text Fairy also offers revision services for texts written in Dutch and English.

Text Fairy Copywriting has waved its magic wand for a large number of very satisfied customers, including Acquia, CKS, Golazo, Nutricia, Professional Media Group, Secretary Plus, So Buzzy and Voice PR. Discover the magic at www.textfairy.be.

“I have enjoyed working with Laura since late 2016.


The whole positive experience starts with her quotes, which are clear, comprehensive and arrive very quickly.

Laura always meets the agreed deadline, which is very important to me. Even if the deadline is very tight, she will do her utmost to meet it. Flexibility like this is worth its weight in gold.

In addition, because the texts are edited by a second person and given a final check, the quality of the translations we receive is always exceptional.

A final plus: Laura is always approachable and enthusiastic, just the type of person you want to work with on a regular basis!”


Josefien De Bock

(manager of Text Fairy)

Translation French>English and Dutch>English: translation agency Fontaine de Mots

Translated by: Alison Hughes
Edited by: Philip Lucien