Editing of existing translations

Flawlessly translated texts


Do you want to be sure that there are no mistakes left in your translated documents? We can carry out a comparative editing, sentence by sentence, between the translation and the original text.

You can even ask to have the content of your translations reviewed by an expert (lawyer, accountant, engineer, etc.).

You will receive the revised document, ready for use, and a second version clearly showing the corrections which have been made.

NB: If the translation is really poor, the revision will cost you more than a regular translation. So, don’t be tempted to save money by translating your documents yourself. It will be a waste of time and money. Your first port of call should always be professional translators.

One of our clients translated his documents himself first time round and has learnt from his mistake. Watch his testimonial here.

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Translated by: Alison Hughes
Edited by: Philip Lucien