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Your translated documents must be accurate and precise. Your company’s reputation is at stake.

Fontaine de Mots is a Belgian translation company which works with around 100 professional translators who specialise in one or more areas:

Technical translation

Editorial translation

Academic translation

Medical translation

Legal translation

And more…

Contact us to obtain a professional translation of your business documents:


E-boutique copy

Blog posts


Social media posts


Brochures, flyers and sales leaflets


Sales letters

Instruction leaflets

Press releases

Annual reports

You can even ask us to have the content of your translations reviewed by an expert (lawyer, accountant, engineer, etc.).

Fontaine de Mots:

your language partner in Belgium and worldwide

Expand your customer base and grow your sales by having your website and business documents translated!

Fontaine de Mots specialises in the four most commonly-used business languages in Belgium: French, Dutch, German and English.

Need another language? Contact us to find out more.

You will also find advice on our blog on how to grow your business in Belgium and worldwide.

High-quality service

Fontaine de Mots offers you a truly professional service:


  • Our translations are always handled by two professional translators:

the first will translate your text, while the second will carefully check the translation against the original, sentence by sentence, to ensure there are no mistakes. This is a vital step if you care about your reputation (remember your customers will judge the quality of your products/services on the quality of your written communications).


  • We use specialists who are very familiar with your industry’s terminology.


  • On delivery, we give you the translators’ names, which proves not only that we have used professionals but also that we recognise a job well done.


  • We manage your project from A to Z: simply send us your documents. We will select the best translators, manage their availability, liaise between the different specialists, ensure coherence of terminology over time, etc.

Interested in finding out more?

Discover the benefits of working with us, our mission and testimonials from some of our clients.  You can even watch interviews with six of our translators.


Read our blog for a host of advice. We add new content regularly.

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Translated by: Alison Hughes
Edited by: Philip Lucien