Subtitling a video


With the recent success of videos on websites and social media, perhaps you have decided to film your own?

Send us your video:

Fontaine de Mots will take care of the subtitling.

We can work with or without a script.

Are you planning to post your video on YouTube or a similar platform?
Then send us the text that goes with the video and the keywords, designed to maximise the number of views.

We will use two professionals for your subtitling project:

a translator/subtitler

will provide a perfect translation, adhering to the rules of subtitling

then a second translator/subtitler

will check every last detail

They will also translate and then edit the text and keywords for YouTube or the social media.

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Translation French>English: translation agency Fontaine de Mots

Translated by: Alison Hughes
Edited by: Philip Lucien